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Association Advocating for Women and Community

Nurturing Safe Space and Empowering Recovery

As a safe haven, we offer refuge and empowerment, playing a vital role in assisting women on their journey toward recovery and independence.
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Who We Are

We are committed to empowering those dealing with homelessness, fighting against drug addiction, and facing similar adversities. It's our core mission to offer support, resources, and a glimmer of hope to individuals in need, thereby nurturing resilience and catalyzing meaningful change within our community.
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A community service agency supporting individuals experiencing homelessness and substance misuse.

24-hr Emergency Women's Shelter / Drop-in

Our 24-hour Emergency Women's Shelter offers safe beds and essential resources, including support workers for housing assistance, as well as laundry and shower facilities.

Mark’s Place

Mark's Place offers a compassionate, low-barrier women's program that operates 24/7, providing two daily meals and care aide support without requiring participants to abstain from alcohol or substances, fostering dignity, respect, and a supportive environment for all.

Olive’s Branch

Olive’s Branch Program, operating from a 28-unit sober living facility opened in 2019, offers fully furnished studio-style units with around-the-clock staffing, case management, peer support, counseling services, shared common areas, and a fitness room, providing comprehensive wraparound supports and 12-step based recovery programming to foster lasting sobriety.
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Stories of Hope

Discover the transformative journeys of individuals who have turned their lives around with the help of AWAC. These stories not only showcase the impact of our work but also serve as a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges. Dive into these narratives and witness the power of community support and personal determination.
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Helpful Resources

Whether you're seeking assistance for yourself or looking to support a loved one, our resources section is here to guide you. Find a curated collection of links, tools, and resources designed to provide crucial information and access to the help you need.
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